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Aesthetic 1.1 — Tailoring & Must-have

Trust in yourself — Follow your way

We know that nowadays, most active women have to run the whole day in between two activities. To help with this dynamique rhythm, Right Direction crafted for you comfortable & adaptable clothes, which allow you freedom of movement and could fit diverse activities, kind of a uniform for your every-day working life.

Aesthetic 1.1 — Silk & Movement

Contrast — Releaser of Emotions

We exclusively use organic and labeled material, all while making sure that everybody benefits from good working conditions.

Aesthetic 1.1 — Upcycled

Focus on essence — less is more

We are using again sur-plus fabrics out of our own production for our uypcycled products. This method has the purpose of not wasting any material that we already have at hand. “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" as said by the famous chemist Antoine Lavoisier.

Aesthetic 1.1 — Artisanal

Low impact — short ways

As a high fashion brand made from scratch in Europe, Right Direction believes that it is its duty to be an active actor of the conservation of patrimony and the transaction to a circular economy where european artisans & ancestral know-how would be revalorised.

To craft our handmade collection, we are working closely with small artisans all over the continent, each unique for their own know-how and technique, as much as the handmade products they craft.

Each item has a personal story, took a unique time, patience and love and attention to be created.

It's all about combining harmony, sustainability and cutting-edge innovative fabrics to create elegant, smart garments.