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Right Direction is the label for strong, independent, and stylish women living a conscious lifestyle. The timeless and minimalistic aesthetic is made of a permanent collection, Aesthetic 1.1, limited editions made of surplus fabric and upcycled materials and capsule collections.

Small quantities are being produced in Europe to ensure highest quality and ethical working conditions. Sustainability and cooperation with local artisans are at the core of Right Direction.

Together with innovative developers, we are working on future-oriented projects such as 3D models, animations and videos.

Individualized avatars with customized body measurements will provide our customers with a personal digital shopping experience.

Currently we are working on avatars which can be personalized with measurements to find the perfect size. This is a nice tool for customers, but the next step in the evolution of the fashion-world.

Phygital - the fusion of physical and digital, the best of both worlds. Soon you will be able to purchase a piece physically and additionally get a digital version of it.

So come, dive into our world of style, class and progress forward, into the Right Direction.